BSB Deployment


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This is the base docker image.
This image contains basically nothing except the default plugins (log-default, events-default, config-default)

Environment variables

  • BSB_SEC_JSON = ./sec.config.json
    Specifically define the location to the default-config sec.config.json file

  • BSB_PROFILE = default
    Sets the deployment profile of the service.
    This defines the specific containers profile and what service(s) that will be running in the container.

  • BSB_CONFIG_PLUGIN = (not set)
    Defines the config plugin to use. When not set, it will use the sec.config.json file.
    The config plugin is the only plugin that may have additional environment variables to set.
    The rest of the plugins configuration is set in the config plugins definition. (see config plugin docs for more info)

  • BSB_PLUGINS = (comma seperated list of plugins)
    If defined, we'll automatically install the plugins if not already installed.
    What this allows you to do is have a seperate container to manage deployments/versions, and then a lightweight main container for the actual services themselves.
    Or for a simpler deployment (like below), a single container that will set itself up if the plugins aren't setup/installed.


An example docker compose file for a service.

    image: betterweb/service-base:node
      - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro
      - /home/bsb/config.json:/home/bsb/sec.config.json:ro
      - BSB_PROFILE=my-service
      - BSB_PLUGINS=@bettercorp/service-base-plugin-web-server
      replicas: 2
        parallelism: 1
        order: start-first

This installs web-server plugin on boot. However it doesn't do much else (we'll add a demo plugin in the future)
You can list your plugins, or have a seperate container to do the installation of your plugins.


  • A server running docker (docker swarm/kubernetes/nomad)
  • An events service (should you want to run more than 1 service...)
    • Example: RabbitMQ/Pubnub/Kafka

Directories (in the container)

  • /home/bsb/sec.config.json - The config file

  • /mnt/bsb-plugins - package like directory which will contain all the installed plugins.
    This allows you to mount the dir for multiple containers (or use a shared volume) thus allowing the saving of storage space and A/B testing.